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Mark Klabin, President of Rosh Group Companies

In 1973 Mr. Klabin started his carrier at the age of 26 as a President of GEMER Ltd., Israel - the company was involved in telecommunication projects, power stations development, construction, transmission lines etc.

In 1981 Mr. Klabin was coaxed by DYNA Technologies as a Chief Specialist into industrial manufacturing, energy, ecological evaluations and international trade.

From 1983 till 1988 Mr.Klabin was President of OFI Group, based in USA, International Holding Company with interest in commodity trading, metals, banking, compensation and barter trade. From 1988 till today he is the President of ROSH TRUST INTERNATIONAL HOLDING SA - Group Holding Company, based in Luxembourg, medium size, diversified concern, development, telecommunication, with major interests in international financing, development, telecommunication, construction, civil services, food, transportation etc.

Mr. Klabin has a master degree in business administration and he is Master of Science in telecommunication. On June 25, 1998 Mr. Klabin was awarded Doctor degree in advanced technologies. He is fluent in English, Russian, Lithuanian and Polish. His hobbies range from computers, music, tennis and auto-rally.

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