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 Services / Management  

Types of Managerial Services
  Enterprise management
  Management of indebtedness (rescheduling)
  Management of shares
  Real estate management
  Management of bankruptcy process
Forms of Managerial Services
  Participation in negotiations as a full-authority representative
  Appointing Rosh manager an executive office in the Partner's enterprise
  Representation in the Board of Directors and other managerial authorities
  Transaction collateral control (security, guarantees and so on)
Remuneration paid to Rosh
  Fixed monthly payments for services
  «Success commission» depending on previously agreed showings
Implemented Projects
  Management of Lietuvas Kuras Company
  Management of Ladva-Timber project
  Taleon Club management
  Rescheduling eurobonds of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region
  Rescheduling syndicated loan of the Nizhniy Novgorod Region
  Rescheduling OAO "GAZ" indebtedness
  Management of OAO "Rostvertol" shares
  Management of OAO "OTT"
  Management of indebtedness of OAO "Nizhnovenergo" to Siemens
Interaction with the Partner
Departments Involved
  Legal Department
  Analytical Department
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