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 Services / Financing  

Types of Financing Services
  Real estate loan
  Leasing of equipment
  Issuing letter of credit on behalf of the Partner
  Short-term loans secured by liquid assets (shares, goods in trade turnover)
Forms of Financing Services
  Issuing letter of credit
  Opening leasing line
  Payment on behalf of the Partner
  Transferring current capital to accounts
  Promissory note settlement schemes
Remuneration paid to Rosh
  Interest on credit
  Leasing commission
Implemented Projects
  Loan to Olympisky Limited Company
  Leasing of equipment for Taleon Club
  Leasing of equipment for driving license issuance
  Credit lines to partners in business
  Short-term financial aid to Rosh Group Companies
Interaction with the Partner
Department Involved
  Financial Department
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