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Rosh Credit International s.a.h. was established in 1988 in Luxembourg. There are more than 40 companies forming the Group itself. Futhermore there are about 40 companies that we are the close partners with, and whom we do provide various services. Those companies are involved in commercial and non-commercial activities on the former USSR markets.

The history of Rosh Group companies mirrors the changes that have taken place in Russia in recent years. Within the past fifteen years, since foundation of our company, we have explored new ways, experienced moments of indecision, put in a lot of creative efforts, clinched victories and suffered losses. Unlike those Western companies conducting businesses in countries with long-established traditions and stabilized economies, Rosh Group Companies had no such hinterland to fall back on, focusing all its activities onto emerging markets. From the beginning, our best assets were an excellent education and strong desire to grasp the new businesses. We had worked hard and reached remarkable heights being successful in our efforts.

We can describe our keys to success as two major issues that we always follow: independence and professionalism. Our business approach has always been based on detailed research performed on a field of estimated investment or transaction, studying earnings estimation and possible loses, whatsoever.

The overview of our projects (which are described in the Projects Section) shows an impressive record of professional victories. As all parents are proud of their children we are proud of all our babies - all our projects regardless the level of return on investment. We always did, we do, and we are going to follow our own path in the wild jungle of legislative and business environment instability on the market we are present.

We are confident in our initial vision that we urge to follow in regard to accounting goals, being developed management accounting system. We have been involved in consulting to many enterprises that shift from tax evasion to efficient tax planning. Our highly skilled legal and financial managers have been working out a vast range of unique transaction's legal schemes which benefiting not only the Group members but also the constant clients and partners among eastern and western small and well known "blue chips" companies.

Bearing in mind that many domestic corporations are seeking access to the world markets, Rosh Group serves the most needs on this way. We provide legal and financial help to our clients securing it by the services of highly ranked lawyers and bankers who are our reliable consultants since years.

Although we have reached certain success, we have never stopped to design our business tools. Company's managers have created various techniques and procedures in implementing managerial technologies. We expertise them applying to our projects which are so diverse by its nature and character, as you will have a chance to make it certain. Rosh Group helped its clients in rehabilitation, restructuring and design of business development strategies adapted to particular business environment.

Business Administration in the new economic condition should rely on punctilious calculation rather than on rule-of-thumb speculations. On a way to link management functions with information technologies we have worked out our unique data processing system, using not only the most advanced hardware and software to accumulate, analyze, present and transfer the data but also in-house developed software programs made for specific purposes and adapted to the businesses nature.

Rosh Group success is based on efficient and effective management and employees performance. Thus, personnel selection and assignment require great share of responsibility for the company goals and targets. We enhance business performance by properly calculated injection of highly skilled managers multiplied by corporate culture illuminating the employees behavior in the Company. We did sufficient efforts towards inspiring every member of Rosh family to share the Company philosophy.

All our activities are forming the new corporate culture focused onto common objectives and team spirits.

President of Rosh Group Companies Mr. Mark Klabin
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