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"Leasing" Project


With leasing market development in Russia by 2003 competitive advantages of leasing became more clear (comparing with other financial instruments) as well as borders of its application. Transaction conditions become simpler for lessee, range of extra-services is widening.

A new version of Act of the Russian Federation of "Leasing" was standardized with other legislative acts, including Tax Code that noticeably intensified effectiveness of legal provisioning for leasing activity. The main impulse for leasing development was cancellation of tax investment privilege for enterprises. Now companies at acquisition of fixed assets at their own expense have forfeited their right to carry over some spending to minimize taxable base during calculation of profits tax. To the cost-price can be attributed only interest of loan. Only usage of leasing mechanism for fixed assets purchasing allows enterprises to carry over leasing payments to production cost price in full volume. Leasing became very important for fixed assets acquisition by growing companies.

Rosh Group opportunity to attract long-term financing directly reflects on terms of leasing transactions. Transactions from 2 to 5 years prevail among current and concluded Rosh Group's transactions. There is no one instrument in Russia, except leasing, that may provide financing for such a period. It is the main competitive advantage of Rosh Group in Russia.

For lessee, of small and medium-sized enterprises particularly, application processing term and term of further leasing contract realization are very important. Along with growing requirements to processing term obviously grows necessity in complex leasing transactions. Complying with market requirements, Rosh Group solves complex tasks:

  • Import organization, and its legal and customs support;

  • logistics;

  • receiving extra-services from supplier, and etc.

Our company is ready to consider leasing projects for the enterprises of any branch of economy and in any region of Russia.

Minimal project cost - 100 000$.

Rosh Group, according to the client's application, purchases equipment from a supplier selected by the client and transfers it in leasing to the client. In addition, analysis department of our company investigates equipment market and offers a most appropriate supplier to the client.

Standard leasing term - from 2 to 5 years. We may consider a possibility of prolongation of a term.

Rosh Group finance 70% of equipment cost and a client pays the rest 30% by advance payment. This ratio can vary according to equipment liquidity and project risk. If equipment liquidity is low necessity of additional support of transaction in volume of risk uncovered by the advance payment and cost of a subject of leasing may appear.

During equipment operating lessee step-by-step pays leasing payments. Subject of leasing passes into ownership of lessee after contract expiry date and after all the leasing payments made.

Rosh Group works in the Russian market starting from 1989. We have proved ourselves as reliable and highly professional partner, able to find an individual approach to each client. Unique opportunities of attraction of means for leasing transactions given by ROSH Group are based on our high reliability as business partners.

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"Leasing" Project
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