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In 1996 ROSH CREDIT made the first step towards development of water leisure business in Russia. The first Russian AQUA PARK has been put in operation in Sochi on June 1, 1996.

Sochi is a very successful target market in the Amusement and Entertainment fields due to the unique features: harmonic combination of sea and mountains, existence of comfortable sanitariums and hotels, Food and Beverage Facilities. Moreover, even in the past, Sochi was considered as one of the best resorts of Russia. This belief is widespread in our days too.

The AQUA PARK was built in accordance with the project designed by White Water Leisure Ltd.- worldwide leader in water parks design and development.

A quick survey of travelers, who came to Sochi for rest in 1996, 1997, and 1998, showed that 88% of them at least one time visited the AQUA PARK.

The great success of this business in Sochi and valuable experience gained during the construction and operation of the AQUA PARK led the management of ROSH CREDIT to apply to the Moscow government with an offer to develop the AQUA PARK project in Moscow.

The AQUA PARK in Sochi includes two 90-meter slides, splash pool, kiddies' slide and kiddies' pool, "lazy" river, mushroom shower, and restaurant.

The visitors of the AQUA PARK can enjoy swimming in the Black Sea, driving wave runners or go for "bananas". A team of nurses cares about children while parents enjoy themselves sliding down from the rides.

The new generation enjoys going to exciting places, especially amusement parks. At the same time there is remarkable change in tourists' preferences. Most of them tend to "active participation" in leisure activities. Aqua Park can provide thrill and excitement not easily found in the common leisure pursuits.

Greater mobility, willingness of people to have a family fun, uniqueness of such park on the territory of the Former Soviet Union together with new health-conscious trends will undoubtedly bring high profit margins to the business as well as allow development of new attractions.

In October 2000 Aqua Park in Sochi was sold after full repayment of investment.

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