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KONFIN-LOGIKA Limited Company (Associated Member of ROSH Group Companies) was founded in 1994 with the purpose of development, manufacturing and distribution of cash registers in Povolgskiy region of Russia. In 1997 the company launched a pilot project with the aim to discover demand for cash registers among Saratov trade entities and create production infrastructure for implementation of the project.

Operational Background and Technology

On the basis of the best German technologies KONFIN-LOGIKA Ltd. created a new model of a small-sized cash register called ACOM KA 01 RF. The company leased production equipment (press forms) needed for manufacturing cash registers from NIBALK LTD. On April 1997 ACOM KA 01 RF cash register obtained Quality Certificate and the first production lot of cash registers was manufactured and released onto the market. That pilot production (150 cash registers) was a great success. The registers were distributed between Saratov retail trade entities as well as on the largest retail market. There were a number of improvements suggested by the users of cash registers, which were taken into account during the further development of cash registers.

Cash registers manufactured by KONFIN-LOGIKA Ltd. are reliable and easy in operation, work on rechargeable batteries and withstand extremes of temperature, which makes it possible to use them in street and market-place trade. They are much cheaper than those imported by foreign manufacturers and cost of their servicing is much lower too. This fact is quiet important in recent circumstances because retail traders are now more eager to curb their costs than ever.

Cash registers were assembled on the Tantal Plant, which is located in Saratov and had produced military equipment and weapon during the Soviet Era. Assembling parts were imported from Germany.


Market Positioning of the Company

Retail trade industry in Russia is developing very rapidly and there is a great demand for cheap and high-quality trade equipment. Large and fashionable supermarkets and trade stores as well as small trade companies working on the retail and wholesale markets and offering cheap consumer goods need professional trade equipment. KONFIN-LOGIKA Ltd. activities are aimed at trade entities located in the Povolgskiy region. Cash registers will be manufactured on the territory of this region and they will be cheaper than cash registers produced in other regions of the country because their cost will not include the cost of transportation. All these factors make production of cash registers in the Povolgskiy region of Russia quiet competitive.

Current Activities and Future Plans

Currently the company is considering results of the pilot project and is occupied by the further development of cash registers. There are a number of improvements to be made to the structure and design of cash registers. When this R&D stage of the project (Research and Development) is completed the company is going to begin general production and distribution of cash registers.

The pilot project also made it possible to conduct a research of the market for trade equipment and KONFIN-LOGIKA Ltd. is going to use the invaluable results of this research for better market positioning of the product. Creating manufacturing infrastructure was the other purpose of the pilot project and now the company possesses manufacturing infrastructure for production of cash registers.

The company has recently focused its activity on planning, global research and development of its product with the purpose of creating a system of electronic trade equipment similar to Micros. These works are to be completed in 2001. The production is going to begin then too.

Production and distribution of cash registers in Povolgskiy region of Russia is a perspective and profitable undertaking, but KONFIN-LOGIKA is going to participate in other projects as well, one of which is assembling TV sets jointly with the Saratov Electronical Plant.

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