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Casino-Club "ROYAL" is one of the leading authorities among casino-club entertaining centres in Moscow. The management commitment to total customer satisfaction and its uncompromising demand for quality are key factors, which contribute to ROYAL's ongoing success. We believe that as the one of the best entertaining centres in Moscow, it is ROYAL's responsibility to maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism while demonstrating innovation and creativity without compromising performance or safety.

ROYAL casino-club was incorporated in 1991 to reconstruct and operate its own entertaining center.

It is located in the Moscow Hippodrome building, reconstructed after the project of a well-known architect Joltovski.

The entertaining center includes casino, disco club, restaurant and jazz-bar.

In order to separate cash flows and for the sake of proper management ROYAL entertaining center has been put under control of two interrelated legal entities. They are "INTERCLUB MOSCOW LIMITED", which operates ROYAL Casino, and "ROYAL CLUB LIMITED", which operates night club, restaurant and jazz bar.

Interclub Moscow Limited

The Company's main type of activity is management and operation of the Casino in accordance with the legislation in force.

ROYAL Casino is one of the Moscow largest casinos. After the reconstruction costing $6,000,000 dollars to its investors, the Casino became a palace with a fashionable interior and high-class design. The Casino attracts the customers because of its respectability and high professionalism of the staff.

11 Gamble tables are operating in the Casino: 4 for "Black Jack", 3 for "Golden Oasis" Stead Poker, 3 for "American Roulette" and 1 for "Big poker"". The equipment is of the best Western Quality, made by "John Huxley Ltd.".

Currently 84 people are working in the Casino: croupier-57, inspector-21, manager-6. The Casino staff consists of experienced professionals.

The Casino has a bar with 16 people employed: bar manager- 2, barman- 4, waitress- 6, dish washer- 4.

On the first floor of the building Club ROYAL is located. There visitors can enjoy well-known performers, discotheque, restaurant and jazz-bar.

The management of the Company fully understands that they are operating in a very competitive environment. Thus, their strategic goal is to increase the competitiveness of their enterprise by providing the best possible service to its customers through careful investigation of the customers thoughts and needs, performing timely indication of how the Interclub's staff is performing its job.

The Interclub's employees need to be in a situation of constant growing and learning and their responsibility is constantly increasing.

Another important issue is to conduct a well-designed advertising program, aiming to increase people awareness of the services offered.

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